Identify whether to sale or to rent

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No one can guarantee you when the market will rise or when it will fall. This leaves you with a question about whether to sale or whether to rent? The best solution in such situations is to compare the market value of your property with the amount you invested in it. If you are unsatisfied with the current market price of your property then renting it will be a better option over selling. This will provide you with a fixed income at regular intervals. Besides this, you can revise the rent after a certain period of time, say 1 or 2 years and earn more. Adversely, if the market is offering you more than your purchase amount then go ahead and sale it, because you never know when the market will go down. Hence, it would be wise if you compare the price of your property with the current market rates to arrive at a wise decision. Look after the maintenance of the property Whether you are a...

Fully explained : Real Estate Investing

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Investing in real estate is considered to be one of most easiest and convenient ways of making huge amount of money within less time. Most of us have a notion that the business requires little expertise and is less complicated compared to other types of investments. Above all, there are some individuals who find real estate investment so lucrative that they quit their current jobs and throw themselves completely into selling, buying and renting of real estate properties to earn more. But, the reality is very different. With little or no understanding of real estate investments, the experience could turn out to be extremely destructive. The good news is that, after so many years of downfall in real estate market, the sector has currently shown some signs of improvement. After being low for six long years it has now moved on to the track of recovery. This has spread happiness amongst...

Why banks and agents don’t value your home the same ?

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It is very clear that banks and agents don’t value homes the same. Their prices always differ or have variances. Have you ever wondered why this discrepancy? How can a house be valued at several prices? How do you determine the right price? These variations exist for a number of reasons. The value of the bank If your home is to be mortgaged, then most certainly your lender will have to value it.This satisfies the lender and gives him confidence that your asset provides ample security against the amount of money borrowed. The asset acts as a collateral. Such that if you are unable to repay back the amount borrowed plus the interests the lender which is the bank can sell the property so to recover back its cash. Therefore most of the valuations of the bank are slightly lower conservative as compared to the agents. Some of the times the valuations are approximately 10%-20% less than the...